The State of Florida has investigators that work on every possible angle to establish their case. To assist them they have law enforcement agencies, forensic examiners, lab technicians, witnesses, etc., and of course the Assistant State Attorney.

So, if the State has all these investigators and a team assisting them in proving their case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, why shouldn’t you have your own investigator?

Florida Defense Investigations has a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator on staff with over 18 years of experience in handling only criminal defense cases. Handling cases from Capital Murder, Capital Sexual Battery, Attempted Murder, Drug Related Offenses, Child Abuse Allegations, Burglary, Home Invasions, Juvenile Delinquency or Dependency cases and many more

Being a Justice Administrative Commission approved vendor our firm will also handle court-appointed or indigent for costs cases.

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Private Investigator: Criminal Defense Orlando

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