Course Syllabus

This course is a comprehensive overview of the essential disciplines and techniques used by certified Private Investigators.

Topics covered in this course:

I. Attorney/Investigator Relationship

A. Communication
B. Investigative Report – Authoring and Delivering
C. Role of the Investigator

II. Burden of Proof & Elements of the Crime

A. Elements
B. Lesser Included Offenses
C. Mens Rea and Actus Reus

III. Discovery

A. Items Included in Discovery
B. Obtaining Items Not Included in Discovery
C. Best Practices – Organizing Discovery

IV. Investigations

A. Witnesses
B. Interviewing Witnesses
C. Crime Scene Investigation
D. Evidence Preservation

V. Experts

A. Types of Expert Witnesses
B. The Role of Investigator in Expert Retention
C. Best Practices – Selecting an Expert
D. Best Practices – Working with Expert

VI. Crime Scene

A. Types of Crime Scenes
B. Method of Investigation
C. Crime Scene Documentation
D. Best Practices – Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Preservation

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