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Private Investigators should always continue to learn and educate themselves with new techniques and take classes to expand on other parts of criminal defense by taking courses in other more specific categories such as forensics, latent examinations, preservation, etc. and more importantly getting to know the laws and codes to almost an expert level.

2 Hour Course CEUs:
  • 1 Hour Ethics
  • 1 Hour General Studies
1 Hour Course CEUs:
  • 1 Hour General Studies

Your Board Certified Instructor:

Jay Jacome

Mr. Jacome has been active in the investigative industry for over 28 years and has been a Board-Certified Criminal Defense Investigator since 2001.

With over 20 years of experience, he has successfully completed thousands of cases in both Criminal and Civil Defense.

What Students are Saying

Thank you again for taking the time to present your class to us. 

Essentials of Criminal Defense course offers considerable amount of effective information for private investigators focusing on criminal defense investigations. 

Brenda W.

I can say your class was very informative without being overly informative.  I have only been a licensed private investigator just under a year.  I have over twenty years experience as a paralegal in criminal defense with some of that in civil. Most of my experience has been in Georgia, so I am learning Alabama law.   I attribute the abilities I do have on my experience in and around the courtroom as a paralegal.  However, I am a baby and I am eager to know all I need in order to help my attorney’s and our clients.   Jenna and Marie are new completely to criminal investigations.  Jenna is my daughter and Marie is my daughter in law.  I have attempted to teach them all I know. However, I can only give what I have, so we are very receptive to learning from others and we appreciate you and all you have done in your teaching to guide us in a direction to success.

I wish you well in your endeavor on teaching others.  You certainly have the talent for it.

Eric M.

Thank you again for taking your time yesterday to break down the importance of basic criminal investigations. Your teaching was very enlightening and your passion was evident throughout the entire session.  There are so many areas of investigations that an investigator needs to be well versed in.

After your class, I realized there is still so much to learn.  My goal is to be as knowledgeable as you.  

Justin A.,
Hi Jay! My name is Sophia E. I attended your virtual class on the essentials of criminal defense. I learned so much in our course session, I would love to pick your brain further about a crime scene I visited.
Sophia E.
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